Kelly Miller Smith Center

Against Abusive Behavior; A DOMESTIC Violence and Anger Management Program

Program Expectations and Requirements

  • Clients are expected to attend (8), (16), or (26) weeks as prescribed by the court.
  • Clients are to be in compliance with the program rules as designated on the signed Treatment Contract.
  • The client will remain alcohol & drug free during enrollment in program.
  • The client will treat self, peers, and staff in a respectful manner.
  • No smoking on the premises.peacelovestopviolence
  • Clients are to arrive on time. Persons arriving unusually late will not be admitted to the class.
  • Work related absences will require a written.
  • Absence due to illness will require Doctor’s statement.

Program History

  • The Kelly Miller Smith Center Against Abusive Behavior, Inc. (KMSCAAB) officially opened its doors in September, 1993 and was incorporated as a non-profit organization late in the Fall of 1994.
  • The program provides weekly counseling and education for perpetrators of assault including domestic violence. The curriculum used is an adaptation of three programs: (a) the primary model is the program used in the John L. Key’s Center Against Abusive Behavior, Inc; (b) the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program in Duluth, Minnesota; and (c) Power and Control Tactics of Men Who Batter and Education Curriculum by Ellen Pence and Michael Paymar.
  • The KMSCAAB program was designed to be used by the courts as a sentencing alternative for persons who are charged with domestic abuse as a misdemeanor offense. The design also took into consideration State and Church referals and self-referrals (those individuals who may choose to use the program on their own to stop their abusive behavior) and so forth.Rehab-Detox-Las-Vegas-Nevada-Drug-Alcohol-Addiction-Treatment-Center
  • During referral, their matriculation through the program, clients are exposed to several modules, namely, denial, anger, jealously, conflict resolution, self-development skills, and substance abuse prevention education, KMSCAAB monitors the court-ordered clients and reports to the Metro Probabtion Department regarding their compliance with the program, or to whatever agency did the referral.
  • The program is housed in the Ennix-Jones Center, an office building owned by First Baptist Church, Capitol Hill. At present, the building has sufficient office space to accommodate our program. Most of the office equipment needed to operate this program is located in the Ennix-Jones Center. Special equipment such as computers, printers, copier, fax, audio-visual multimedia aids, tape recorders and so forth is provided by the Kelly Miller Smith Center Against Abusive Behavior program.

Our Goal

  • The goal of this Intervention Programs is to: STOP THE VIOLENCE.

-Identify goals to reach a non-violent lifestyle.

-Teach alternatives to violencebigstock_Drug_Addiction_694183

  • Hold clients accountable for their violent behavior.

-Identify what behaviors are abusive and what each member’s pattern of abuse has been.

-Explore the intents of abusive behavior and the belief system that supports those behaviors.

-Identify and practice non-abusive behaviors.

  • Identify the function and extent of member’s minimizing, denying or blaming.
  • To the extent possible, protect women victims and children by working closely with shelters and law enforcement personnel.
  • Fully explore the impact of violent and abusive behavior on partners, children, and group members.
  • Understand the connection of painful and negative feelings to beliefs about women and men’s roles.
  • Provide support for clients during their transition from perpetrators to healthy partners.
  • Provide aftercare to all graduates of the program.

The entire program is based on the notion that violence is a learned behavior which can be charged. That change is more likely to occur when treatment or intervention is mandated by the courts.

Contents Of Program

Intervention begins with the initial contact with the agency or provider. All potential participatial participants should be informed at the outside that the program is a court ordered diversion program.

  • That the minimium¬† length of the program is 26 unless otherwise ordered in writing by the court.
  • That participation demands motivation to cooperate and work with the group facilitators.writing-icon-pink
  • Participants should be asked to bring copies of the court order to their first appointment.
  • Materials and the group sessions are designed to stop violence among those involved in violence.

What We Offer

  • Domestic Violence
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Anger Management
  • Violence Prevention
  • A Counseling Program to Reduce Violence and Abusive Behavior

Curriculum Guide


The Kelly Miller Smith Center Against Abusive Behavior, Inc. is a program to reduce or stop violent and abusive behavior among perpetrators of such behavior and offer special counseling to those who engaged in (perpetrators) or victims of abusive behavior. The behavior can be physical, sexual or psychological. The purpose of this program is to channel such aggressive behaviors into legitimate modes of expression. 


How we use our anger is a learned behavior. The expression of anger can come under control. Anger can be turned from an emotion of powerless rage into a tool for constructive change.


Provide education in the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. Clients who have a drug problem or potential drug problem will be instructed in drug management, prevention and treatment, which includes alcoholism and other substance abuses.


The primary goal of this program at the KELLY SMITH CENTER AGAINST ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR is to prevent physical, sexual, property and/or psychological violence in your life by helping you learn to cope with anger, stress, frustration, and anxiety in positive ways. We also hope to help you better understand and know yourself as well as your partner through developing better communication skills and an understanding of what makes a relationship work.


This program is designed to prevent violence between individuals under various circumstances with emphasis on anger management and conflict resolution.

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